Wyvern's Nest


(all prices are for immersion real gil not needed)
Rolanberry Shirley Temple 50 gil

Doman tea 25 gil

Apple jucie 15 gil

Frozen spirits 20 gil

Coffee 15 gil

Mulled tea 20 gil

Chamomile tea 15 gil

Blood Current milkshake 20 gil

Nidhogg's rage:a Burton Ale 150 gil

Siren's Delight: A Melomel mead. Is fermented Rolanberry mixed with a hint of Clove 200 gil

Wyvern flame: A mulled Mead made with Blood currant fermented and Dragon Pepper spice add in. 200 gil

Rum 250 gil

Hot or cold Sake 300 gil

Viera wine 200 gill

Caelumtree Wine 500 gil

Holiday special drink
Saint Shiva coco 300 gil comes in Non-Alcoholic and Alcoholic.


(all prices are for immersion real gil not needed)
Rolandberry Cake slices 30 gil

Calamari 50 gil

Fried Onion Prince rings 75 gil

Grilled DoDo 25 gil

Deep fried Okeanis 50 gil

Grilled Buffalo 75 gil

Antelope stew 50 gil

Landtrap salad 25 gil

Finger Sandwich 50 gil

Location and times

Mateus Mist ward 1 plot 31
Sunday 10pm central
Tuesday 10pm
Thursday 10pm

( Made with Carrd )